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OVO is a company that is specialized in installing software (TV OS) in TV boxes and smart projectors, and also focuses on smart TV systems for Taiwanese users.




Sole designer, Research, UI, UX



The project goal is to develop a personalized TV interface (UI3.0) with AI recommendation system, so the TV watching behavior can match with every family member through the new version of the TV box and smart projector.


The biggest challenge in the development process is most of the participants are new in the early stage. Therefore, we needed more time to negotiate and coordinate to make the project content integrate well.


At the time, I participated in creating ideas, wireframe, and user testing to launch the product. Besides, there was a lot of communication with the PM and RD to ensure most of the details in the development process got full attention and were well executed.


1st launch: UI 3.0 and new TV box were launched in Aug. 2019.

Even though we rolled out the first version of the TV box under limited time and resources, the hardware performance was insufficient, and this causes poor user experience. Thus, we listened to our users’ and internal test feedback proactively to make the product more stable after iterative optimization.

2ed launch: Projector version of UI 3.0 and new projector product were launched in Oct. 2020.

Referring to the previous UI3.0 launch result, we adjusted the development process and more carefully to launch the UI3.0 projector version, therefore we got  much better feedback from our users.

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Competitor research


Example of flow chart


Setting - site map

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The process of each screen is made into description files and delivered to RD.

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Visual / Mockup

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It’s the first time for me to fully participate in the development after I transferred to a UX/UI designer from a graphic designer, and I noticed that there are different knacks when it comes to development.
All the details I learned help me discover problems and solve them, consider business value and allocate limited resources better. In addition to getting over the traps for beginners, I also gained a lot of valuable experience.


Case study


Case study

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