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Case Study



I was in charge of redesign the official website and make it become an e-commerce one under the business orientation.




Lead designer - Research, UX, UI



In 2020, Covid-19 has affected everyone's life and living habits, so the need of home-related products has risen dramatically. Therefore, to expand official website flow and increase revenue became the main purposes.


Challenge 1. 

Help consumers choose the right product from number of product models.

Challenge 2.
At the early stage is to obtain the approval from the CEO. I tried various methods to provide him with competitors’ websites, testing, page visualization and other approaches to make all the projects go smoothly.


For the structure and skeleton, we used many popular e-commerce websites in Taiwan as reference to consider how to help consumers choose products better. For the scope and strategy we observed user behavior on our website through Google Analytics to define the problems.
Thus, we added some features to solve those problems. For instance, we attached a filter function on the product listing page, making the discount events text more obvious, and added product feature videos on the sale page.
In addition, the process of member registration and free subscription has been optimized. After the announcement of our new version's official website, not only the monthly revenue has grown steadily, but the number of customer inquiries about product selection has been reduced.

ovotv_web showcase mockuo.png

Competitor research

Direct: Roku、小米
Indirect: Samsung、Philips、Nintendo、apple
Others: Gogoro、moft、綠藤生機、眠豆腐

web ref-1.jpg

Information architecture

Consider the structures for the website.


Home page

web_index 12.jpg

Product sell page


Registration & Subscription

user journey maps .jpg
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Style guide


Visual - desktop


Visual - mobile



  • Number increased

Through Google Analytics traffic and the revenue reports, it showed that
1.The number of registered people has increased by 10-20%.
2.The products of the advertisement are also being sold more.
3.The number of traffic has increased by the How it Works page and the homepage.

  • Resource arranged carefully

Each decision made in the project process would affect how much effort we need to make later, so we will inquire with the marketing manager from time to time if it’s necessary to the exact action to meet our goals.


Case study


Case study

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