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Case Study & Re-design



Renoir Puzzle Inc. strives to optimize the contact points between the brand and consumers, so that they developed a member exclusive app (OMO) in 2016.


2016, 2021


Designer, UI



Since optimizing the contact points between the brand and consumers is what Renoir Puzzle Inc. pursues, it developed a membership-only app in 2016, the main goals are:
1. The app can be used as a member reward plan when purchasing in stores.
2. Advertising function, notifying discount events and conveying brand spirit to trigger more consumption opportunities.


Looking back on the challenges at that time, there was little knowledge which is related to app development, and even engineers were not focusing on coding apps. Everyone was multitasking and app development was only one of the missions to be completed, so the allocation of time and resources must be arranged carefully.


My main task was to focus on visual, user interface design, and using a lot of puzzles which are related to branding.


When the app was launched, we received positive feedback that it gave them the convenience of consumption in the store from many members. Besides, we observed that the brand loyalty from our customers has been increased.



After reviewing the UI design version in 2016, I have gotten some users’ advice and feedback for optimization from peers. From the past few years, there were so many OMO apps launched, I observed and compared the details from them to get some inspiration. For example, the icon priority level of the homepage is the issue, which is reported the most.

  • Copywriting

The use of wording to better the communication with members.

  • Structure 

Putting the most common icon functions below the app to replace the hamburger list.

  • Visual 

Remain the soul of puzzles and use simple patterns to make using our app easier.    

  • Function adjustment 

Make the shopping function at a more obvious level to improve brand awareness.


Redesign - Competitor research


Redesign - Site map

App sitemap.jpg

Redesign - Mobile visual

renoir app redesign-all01.png
renoir app redesign-all02.png


During this redesign practice, I trained my sensibility towards mobile app design and analyzed other apps with similar functions. Meanwhile, comparing with the recent-launched Renoir puzzle app to think about which approaches more our business goal and user experience.


Case study


Case study