Hello, I am Beatrice

I was a  graphic designer for 5+ years. About two years ago, I switched to a career in UX/UI design at a start up OVO. 

Since then, I've become obsessed with optimizing user experience by understanding more about human behavior and psychology. Through real-world projects, books, and online courses, I've learned how to add the human element into technology. In doing so, I hope to foster deeper connections to users and focus on long-term user satisfaction. I strive to bring joy and delight into each interaction.

Outside of work, I continue to learn proactively by taking side projects and attending meetups. I am always seeking new challenges to improve myself.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family, attending personal growth activities, and exploring local markets or nature. I also like to drink and chat with friends. Cheers💛


UX/UI design

2+ years experiences

Visual design

7+ years experiences

Web design