👋🏽 Hi, I’m a UX/UI Designer who is passionate about creating human-centered  products and services, solving problems and enjoying new challenges.


RWD Website

Case Study

The need of home-related products has risen dramatically during Covid-19 in 2020. Therefore, I was in charge of redesign our official website and make it become an e-commerce one under the business orientation.

website picture

Mobile App

Case Study & Re-design

Renoir Puzzle Inc. strives to optimize the contact points between the brand and consumers, so that they developed a member exclusive app (OMO) in 2016.

mobile app picture


Case Study

OVO is a company that is specialized in installing software (TV OS) in TV boxes and smart projectors, and also focuses on smart TV systems for Taiwanese users.

TV OS UI picture

Conceptual Projects 👉

TV Remote Control App


Everyone has the same annoying experience which is you can't find your remote control when you watching TV or which is you try to key in word to search video, so I tried to think it and solve it through an app.

Camping Sharing App

camp app-01.jpg

This is a platform for camping friends to exchange or rent camping equipment. In order to solve the problem, those who want to camp at the beginning do not have equipment, and experts who are equipped and want to share their equipment when they are not camping.


Visual works 👉